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Latia & Naji

There aren’t too many places in the world where you can get married on lava rock, but Makapu’u is one of them. This is where Latia and Naji chose to get married, and they picked a beautiful day to do it! Latia looked gorgeous in her swirly, pleated dress and Naji looked sharp in his marine uniform. Enjoy some of their pictures below!


Lyndsey & Ryan

Such a fantastic way to start the new year with a beautiful wedding at Lanikuhonua! Lyndsey and Ryan are originally from Nashville, but have been living here on Oahu on military assignment. They were both very sweet and fun to work with. Lyndsey has some of that southern grit where she wasn’t afraid to climb barefoot all over the sharp lava rock in her full, gorgeous dress! :) The light that evening was a treat to work with as well; I love the warm glow of the sunset!



Storm rolling in

Unfortunately, I had a family shoot get rained out this past Sunday. However, ten minutes before it started pouring, I was able to capture this awesome sky created by the storm as it was coming right for us!


Catherine & Michael

So it’s your wedding day, and a half an hour before your ceremony is supposed to start you learn that there is a dead body at the beach park where you are supposed to get married! What!?! You’d be freaking out and upset, right? I know I would. However, this sweet as could be couple, Catherine and Michael, just rolled with the punches. They were super easy going and quickly came up with Plan B, which worked out beautifully. When you see how radiant and gleeful they are in the pictures you’ll realize that it didn’t matter to them where they got married, they were just so happy to do it. :)


Trisha & Steven

No wonder they call it ‘Magic Island’…Trisha and Steven were treated to a full, classic, Hawaiian rainbow streaking across the sky for the start of their wedding! That must be a good sign, right?! :) This happy, genuine couple was a joy to shoot. Here are some of their picture highlights!:


Sim & Tim

How cute are their names together! :) This happy couple got married at a beach house in Malaekahana on the North Shore last week. It was a beautiful ceremony with the signature Hawaiian wedding traditions of the blowing of the conch shell, lei exchange, sand ceremony, and ukulele tunes. I thought the flowers were fantastic, especially Sim’s bouquet!


Maricel & Mike

Beach, lava rock, mountains, greenery, islands, and a lighthouse…you can’t order up much more diverse and beautiful scenery than what you can find at Makapu’u Beach. This is where Maricel and Mike tied the knot this past Tuesday. They came all the way in from New Jersey! Thankfully, the island didn’t disappoint. :)


Brittany & Aaron

A morning wedding! What a joyous way to start a day, huh?! Brittany and Aaron picked Lanikai Beach for their backdrop which is one of the nicest beaches on the island because of its picturesque beauty and incredibly soft sand. It was great to be there early, because we practically had the whole beach to ourselves. Enjoy the pictures of this happy couple!


Finn’s 1st Birthday!

A fun thing about the culture in Hawaii is that 1st birthdays are a big deal. There is a long-standing tradition of throwing big parties or luaus for one-year-olds to kick off a long and healthy life for them. The idea being that in ancient Hawaii, before there were modern medical advancements, most children didn’t live past the age of one. So, if a child beat the odds, then they were honored with a feast. Interesting, huh? Because of this tradition, Annie and Cosmo, Finn’s parents, asked if I would take photos of Finn’s special day. They flew in from Seattle to celebrate with Annie’s family. Everyone had a great time, especially Finn who really loved his cake! ;)


There’s a cool story with this second cake, The Queen Emma Cake. Annie’s uncle came up with it and now it is a

popular cake on the island.  The flavor layers are guava, lilikoi (passion fruit), and haupia (coconut).



Another Ohio shoot! This time we’ve got Brad, my brother-in-law, Shauna, and baby Piper! Piper is two months old now and is such a doll. We had a lot of fun with different props, outfits, etc. Enjoy the pictures of this sweet family!


Piper was recently baptized and this is the gown that she wore for the occasion. Cute bonnet, huh?!

For this one, I think Brad was just blinking, but I like how it turned out anyway. :)

In order to balance the “lamb” type shots, Brad requested a shot of Piper on the ’74 Scout. :)