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Shanavorn & Greg

It’s fall, ya’ll! Shanavorn and Greg picked such a beautiful time of year to get married. On the morning of their wedding, the weather was fantastic, leaves were changing color, wispy clouds were painted across a bright blue sky…you can’t ask for much better than that! What’s also beautiful is this sweet couple’s love. From the first look to the grand dip after the first kiss, you can just tell that these two have something special. I was so glad to be a part of their big day.


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My first Charlotte shoot was for the birthday celebration of this adorable 2 year old, Yohannes! It was a fun little party for him with his family and friends at day care. This cutie has such a bright and happy spirit, with an amazing smile to boot! :)


yohannes (3)

yohannes (13)

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As part of our big migration east from Honolulu to Charlotte, Brian and I were fortunate to be able to stop and visit our families on the way in both Phoenix and Ohio. During the Ohio portion of the trip, I got to take some senior portraits of my nephew, Isaak. He’s an all-around super kid- funny, helpful, courteous, and upbeat, just to name a few. On top of all of that, he’s kicking some ‘a’ on the football field too! :)


isaak (5)

isaak (9)(10)

isaak (15)

isaak (17)(21)

isaak (25)

isaak (27)

isaak (30)(32)

isaak (43)isaak (38)

At the end of the afternoon’s shoot, my other nephew, Jacob, also got in on the action.

These two cousins are good buds, and they were a blast to photograph.


isaak (46)

jacob (2)(4)

isaak (48)

jacob (5)isaak (53)(58) copyRecognize that sweet ride? This Scout is the same car we used to take some pictures with the boys’ other cousin, Piper! :)

Baby Jack!

Sooo, it’s been awhile! I took a bit of a hiatus, because we moved! We said goodbye to Honolulu and hello to Charlotte, NC! It was bittersweet, because we will definitely miss the island life, but we’re glad to now be closer to family. Thankfully, before we left, I got to meet my friends’ sweet newborn, Jack! What a precious bundle! Of course, I had to snap some photos. :) We’ll miss you, Bonnie and DA!


Jack (8)Jack (18)Jack (5)(14)Jack (16)

Tori & Jeremy

Another beautiful Makapu’u wedding! The couple was fortunate in having so many family members who were able to be in town to attend. There was an abundance of love for Tori and Jeremy, and you could tell that Tori and Jeremy had an abundance of love for each other. Jeremy even teared up a couple times; it was very sweet.


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Aren’t these girls’ dresses fun?! Tori made them!t&j (34)(42)

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Isn’t that the most darling name?! I just love it, and such a perfect fit for this darling girl! Hadley, her parents, Sarah and Dustin, and I had a great time at Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island. There was a lot of bird chasing, splashing, swinging, digging, etc. My kind of fun! :) Enjoy the pictures of this spunky and energetic sweetheart who just turned 3!


hadley (1)(6)

hadley (3)

hadley (7)

hadley (12)

hadley (15)(18)

hadley (23)

hadley (26)

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hadley (86)(90)

Susanne & Tommy

Here’s a bonus shoot! You remember Ole and Marte’s friends from the last wedding I posted? Well, here they are again…Susanne, Tommy, and their two darling kiddos! When the wedding session was completed, Susanne asked about getting some shots of her family also. She figured, hey, we’re all dressed up and at a beautiful beach, we should take advantage of this! I was happy to oblige. :)


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Marte & Ole

Marte and Ole came all the way from Norway(!) to get married on Waimanalo Beach. Their two beautiful girls and family friends of theirs also came. Hawaii made it worth the trip! It was a gorgeous day with a big, bright sun, cheery clouds dotting the sky, and the water looked bluer than ever! Enjoy seeing the love of this sweet family…


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Iris & James

Iris and James came from the Bay Area to get married here in Honolulu where Iris grew up. They chose the Waioli Tea Room & Chapel for their venues and what great choices! The chapel was very cozy and intimate and the reception hall of the tea room was bright and airy. They were surrounded by a spirited group of family and friends and it seemed a good time was had by all!


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Hey Everyone! So, if you were wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a couple months, it’s because I had a baby! His name is Clayton Barley Wise and we couldn’t be more in love! I took a break from shooting gigs on my time off, but you know I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of Clay! Here are a few of my favorites starting with his announcement that I photographed and also designed:



one day old

DSC_3769 DSC_3774

one week old
DSC_3836 DSC_3846

napping with G-maDSC_4082 DSC_4170 copy

this knitted blanket was made by Clay’s Great Grandma OliveDSC_4180 DSC_4537


one month oldDSC_4495 copy

Isn’t that prayer print above the changing table beautiful?! My talented sister, Chelsea, behind the online shop, My Sweet Delight, designed it. If you’d like to get one for yourself (or a print with a different phrase), go check out her site here.