As part of our big migration east from Honolulu to Charlotte, Brian and I were fortunate to be able to stop and visit our families on the way in both Phoenix and Ohio. During the Ohio portion of the trip, I got to take some senior portraits of my nephew, Isaak. He’s an all-around super kid- funny, helpful, courteous, and upbeat, just to name a few. On top of all of that, he’s kicking some ‘a’ on the football field too! :)


isaak (5)

isaak (9)(10)

isaak (15)

isaak (17)(21)

isaak (25)

isaak (27)

isaak (30)(32)

isaak (43)isaak (38)

At the end of the afternoon’s shoot, my other nephew, Jacob, also got in on the action.

These two cousins are good buds, and they were a blast to photograph.


isaak (46)

jacob (2)(4)

isaak (48)

jacob (5)isaak (53)(58) copyRecognize that sweet ride? This Scout is the same car we used to take some pictures with the boys’ other cousin, Piper! :)